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Dogs in Divorce (and other furry friends too)

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Dogs and cats are more than just "pets" to many people. Many consider their 4-legged friends to be family members. You do not need to look far to find a dog or cat with their very own social media page, and yes, you should follow them. Who doesn't love adorable pictures of animals to brighten each day? So, what happens to the beloved dog or cat when his or her humans separate or divorce? Custody and visitation schedules? Splitting costs of food and vetting?

Contemplating divorce? Post-reform taxes deserve consideration

When making a major decision, it's a bad idea to do it under pressure. That goes for making major purchases in your life, or ending relationships with significant others. You face decisions about your past and your future, and in some instances the future of children.

Financial aspects of the dissolution may seem the driest of issues to wade through because of the accounting involved, but they are also among the most important because of the implications they have on your future and that of your family.

Top 3 Questions In All Family Law Cases

Before you embark on any life changing event, you most likely want to know a few very important details... How much will it cost? How long will it take? Will I be successful and "win"? These three questions are usually the first considered when being faced with the possibility of a divorce or a child custody suit.

Having divorce options doesn't reduce importance of a solid team

Mediation and collaboration are common words within the context of divorce in Texas these days. The reason is understandable. These means of pursuing a divorce are alternatives to the contentious and adversarial litigation process that has long been the norm.

The most often heard claim about alternative dispute resolution proponents is that it offers parties opportunities to dissolve marriages more quickly, and at lower cost, than waging pitched battles in court. But regardless of the option under consideration, certain roles need filling. Having confidence in the team at your side starts with consulting an experienced attorney.

Dont Drink & Post And Other Useful Common Sense

Summer is upon us and you know what that means... your social media news feed is likely filled with pictures of graduations, vacation adventures, and cocktails on the beach. What you probably do not want to see it filled with is angry ex-spouses, mad moms, and relationship drama that doesn't belong in the public eye. We have all been there. We have all been guilty at one point of over-sharing on social media not considering how well we really know the 1,579 virtual "friends" of ours on Facebook. It is important for everyone to be aware of their social media privacy settings, but crucial for those going through a divorce, custody case, or trying to co-parent effectively. Don't set yourself up for failure.

Basic things you can do to protect yourself today:

IoT may simplify life, but it can complicate divorce

The internet of things: have you heard of it? Maybe you only know the acronym – IoT. According to proponents, this is the promise of personal empowerment through internet-linked technology. Specifically, IoT represents how, by using network-connected smart devices and our smartphones, we can: secure the front door without using a key; generate a grocery list based on what the refrigerator sees on its shelves; or even install a doorbell with a camera that monitors the front door. As marvelously Jetsonsish as it seems, there are potential downsides.

We have written before about managing online assets as carefully as physical assets in the context of divorce. At the time of that blog, the focus was on social media accounts because IoT hadn't come into its own. Now that it has, the importance of password security is only become more pressing.

Does gray divorce carry a gender bias?

That older couples are divorcing at a higher rate than in the past is clear. We've written about this on occasion over the past few years, most recently in February. Data collected by Pew Research Center shows divorce rates doubled for couples 50 and over. If you narrow the age-range to those couples 65 and over, divorce rates have tripled.

Experts offer a range of rationales for why. One is that divorce doesn't carry the social penalties it once did. Another reason is that many divorcees have done this before. The social easing noted above occurred decades ago but still involved the baby boom generation. A third reason suggested is that the timing is right. The kids are gone. Perhaps the love is too, and so there's desire to get more out of the time that remains.

Staying abreast of changes in child support calculations

Being a parent is not easy. It doesn't get any easier if you happen to be an unmarried or divorced parent. Meeting child support obligations can pose significant challenges. Texas law seeks to provide a formula to structure plans that equitably reflect the best interests of the children based on how much each parent earns and how much time each spends with the children.

Still there often are disputes. And, every once in a while, as the realities of life change, lawmakers tweak the formulas. Just such changes are due to take effect this year and so we offer a brief look at some of the more significant alterations coming.

Tips For Successfully Co-Parenting This Summer

It can be difficult enough to agree on how to raise children when you are married. Trying to agree on parenting once your marriage or partnership has dissolved? A challenge to say the least. With summer right around the corner, you may be about to face some additional co-parenting challenges due to your summer possession schedule. Here are some tips to help the summer go smoothly with your family.

Premarital Agreements - What You Should Know v. What You May Think

Premarital agreements tend to carry the stigma of a marriage doomed to fail, but that is simply not the case. Premarital agreements aren't just for the rich & famous or for those who don't have faith in their marriage lasting. Premarital agreements are useful for blended families, second marriages, business owners, first-time marriages or marriages later in life. Another similar option is a postmarital agreement.

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