When it comes to divorce, WHO do you want looking out for you?

Oct 12 2018 - Posted by , in Divorce

When it comes to divorce, WHO do you want looking out for you?

When it comes to divorce, it can almost go without saying that no two divorces are the same; well, no two divorce attorneys are the same either. If you are being faced with dividing up your life, property, and time with your children, who do you want on your side looking out for your best interest? Here are 6 quick tips on how to find the right attorney for YOU.

  • Establish what your situation needs
  • Understand there are different “types” of family law attorneys
  • Know what you are (and are not) looking for in an attorney
  • Read the reviews (with a grain of salt) and be open to referrals
  • Consult!
  • Ask questions
  • MOST important – trust your instinct! I will elaborate here as this advice is vital in who you hire.
  • Does the attorney make you COMFORTABLE? Can you see yourself establishing trust with this person? Have they been honest and up-front with you during the consultation – even if what they are telling you is not necessarily what you want to hear? You may know during or immediately following the initial consultation if this is the attorney you want to hire; or, you may need to sleep on it. Do not feel pressured by any attorney or firm to make a decision on the spot. This is YOUR decision and it is a big one. Many people don’t realize how greatly the attorney you hire will impact not only your divorce case, but your future and financial situation for years to come.

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