Premarital Agreements – What You Should Know v. What You May Think

Apr 16 2018 - Posted by , in Postnuptial Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Separate Property

Premarital Agreements – What You Should Know v. What You May Think

Premarital agreements tend to carry the stigma of a marriage doomed to fail, but that is simply not the case. Premarital agreements aren’t just for the rich & famous or for those who don’t have faith in their marriage lasting. Premarital agreements are useful for blended families, second marriages, business owners, first-time marriages or marriages later in life. Another similar option is a postmarital agreement. Marital agreements are not one-size-fits all (so please don’t try …

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The benefits of prenuptial agreements

Jan 25 2017 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements have many different benefits, including the protection of assets but they have many other helpful advantages as well. In general, prenuptial agreements outline property rights before marriage. There are many misunderstandings associated with prenuptial agreements and their benefits so it is helpful to have a good idea of the ways they can help couples in a variety of different situations. Prenuptials agreements are useful for the protection of one party’s assets; for protection …

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Top reasons why your prenup could be contested

Jan 23 2017 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

When two people divorce in Texas, one of the most contentious processes they go through is the division of assets. To make this process a little easier, many people choose to have a prenuptial agreement in place before they get married. This document allows soon-to-be spouses to set rules for distribution, spousal maintenance and other financial matters that can cause great turmoil in the event of a divorce. However, just because you have a prenup …

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How can a prenuptial agreement help a couple before marriage?

Nov 16 2016 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

The months, weeks and days leading up to a wedding are supposed to be a joyful and exciting time. The prospect of entering into a marriage with the promise of a lifetime of love and the start of a new family together cannot be understated. But, unfortunately, the fact remains that in the United States nearly half of marriages ultimately end in divorce. And, the divorce process can often turn ugly with emotions, resentment and …

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Does a postnuptial agreement make sense?

Oct 28 2016 - Posted by , in Postnuptial Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more popular among Houston residents who are engaged. But the lesser known postnuptial agreements are also becoming more popular. These may make sense for married Houston couples. A postnuptial agreement spells out what happens to assets and debts if a couple is to be divorced. The postnuptial agreement is drawn up and signed after a couple is married. There are many reasons why a couple would draft a postnuptial agreement. One …

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What can I include in my prenup?

Oct 21 2016 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

Although bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement, or prenup, with your soon-to-be spouse may be an uncomfortable conversation, especially with all the joys of a wedding and a lifelong commitment to your future, there is no denying that the benefits of a prenup are vast. But what can be included in a prenup? More than you may think. A common belief is that prenuptial agreements only cover a couple’s property division in the …

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A prenuptial agreement does not have to be something negative

Sep 9 2016 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

When a Houston couple gets engaged, the least romantic thing they may be able to think of is creating a prenuptial agreement. Deciding on a date, venue, dresses, decorations, and everything else is way more exciting and romantic. But, taking the time to discuss a prenuptial agreement can be good for the marriage. Many couples are still hesitant in creating a prenuptial agreement. They may think their fiancé will not agree to it and will then …

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Common clauses in a prenuptial agreement

Mar 4 2016 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

When a Houston couple is in the midst of wedding planning the last thing they likely want to think about is divorce. Wedding planning can be an exciting time for couples, but it can also be important for couples to think about their lives after the wedding and what may happen in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement is often a prudent measure that can ensure that a couple’s wishes are honored if they choose …

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When is a prenuptial agreement invalid in Texas?

Nov 25 2015 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

For many Houston residents a prenuptial agreement makes a lot of sense. When a person has significant assets or debts before they are married a prenuptial agreement can protect their interests. Even if a prenuptial agreement is drawn up there are reasons that it may be invalid. There are several reasons why a prenuptial agreement may be invalid. One may be that the agreement is not in writing or it was not properly executed. A prenup must …

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Five reasons you may want a prenuptial agreement

May 7 2015 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement, Property Division

Newly engaged couples in Houston are usually giddy with excitement over their upcoming marriage. Along with planning the ceremony, reception, what everyone’s going to wear, and where the honeymoon will be, couples should also sit down and focus on financial matters. Financial discord is one of the top reasons couples get divorced, so sorting out important matters before marriage can help. A prenuptial agreement is one way that couples can settle important financial details and ensure a …

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