Child support delinquency punishable by stopping car registration

Jan 20 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

In Texas, when a couple that has ended a marriage or relationship shares a child, in general there will be an order of child support from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. This is not done as a way of punishment, but to ensure that the child is cared for properly with all of his or her needs provided for. Unfortunately, there are times when the payments are not made on time or in …

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5 tax implications to consider during a divorce

Jan 19 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

When people think about divorce, they often focus on the emotional toll it can take. As a result, financial and tax considerations might take a backseat to resolving these matters.  In many divorces, particularly those involving high-value assets, lack of proper focus on property division may lead to costly tax errors. It is vital for spouses to fully understand tax implications during a divorce, as seemingly minor decisions can lead to future complications. Below are …

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Understanding the requirements for collaborative law negotiations

Jan 14 2017 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law

Texans who are having marital difficulties, but are not interested nor willing to engage in a protracted conflict, might want to consider a collaborative process to iron out their differences and move forward. There are many reasons why a couple would want to take this course. There might be children as part of the marriage, so the parents may want to work together for the good of their offspring. It could be that the marriage …

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How divorce can affect a man’s health

Jan 9 2017 - Posted by , in Divorce

Anybody who has gone through a divorce or separation can attest to the fact that it is a stressful situation, to say the least. It can be emotionally trying, physically draining and mentally exhausting to endure these conditions. According to the Huffington Post, research has revealed, however, that men may bear the brunt of it when it comes to a divorce’s impact on health. Here are a few of the ways it can have an effect on …

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Understanding UIFSA for child support in Texas

Jan 8 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

When a Texas couple divorces, there are times when one former spouse will move to another state. If this is the case and there is child support that must be paid, some people may be confused as to how this is handled under the law. This is where the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) comes in. UIFSA was enacted for child support to be collected across state lines. Knowing how this works can help …

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Texas lawmaker wants to end no-fault divorce

Jan 6 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

Those who have gone through dissolution in Texas know how emotional and stressful the whole process can be. When a couple is going through the end of a marriage, they can choose to list why the it is necessary or have it be listed as a no-fault divorce. A Fort Worth lawmaker is seeking to end the no-fault divorce option for Texas couples. A no-fault divorce option is one where the couple agrees neither one is …

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Points to remember in protecting assets in a Texas divorce

Jan 2 2017 - Posted by , in Property Division

Texas couples who are in the process of ending a marriage or have already completed the divorce process need to be vigilant about their finances. Factors to consider are property division, bank accounts, assets, how property obtained during the marriage is allocated and more. Whether the planning for the divorce is underway, if it is in progress, or after it is completed, the spouses must make certain to take various steps to protect themselves. Budgeting …

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Finances are critical during a divorce

Jan 2 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

Houston couples that are going through dissolution know how emotional and stressful this time can be. There are many decisions that need to be made and many of them are financial in nature. In order for a person to wind up in a good spot financially after the divorce is finalized, there are some tips they should keep in mind. One of the first things to do while preparing for a divorce is to separate finances as …

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Dealing with property and items of sentimental value in a divorce

Dec 31 2016 - Posted by , in Property Division

When a Texas couple chooses to end a marriage, there are a great number of factors that will be of significant concern. While children, custody, support, assets and living arrangements might be worrisome, other issues can come up. If there was a great deal of property obtained during the marriage and some of it has financial or sentimental value, this can be difficult to negotiate. With this in mind, it is important to have a …

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Electronic data and divorce

Dec 29 2016 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

When a Houston couple goes through a divorce, there are many things that need to be split. These can include property, assets, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other important assets and liabilities. What about posts made on twitter, emails and Facebook? What can happen to them in the event of a divorce? Many times during a divorce a person’s electronic records are researched and scrutinized. These electronic records may be used in divorce negotiations. If a …

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