Marriage is more than just two people who fell in love; it is a legal and binding contract. Divorce is the dissolution of that legal contract. While getting married may have been easy, if you decide to end your marriage, it can be overwhelming. Choosing the right attorney and legal path for your divorce is imperative to obtaining a successful outcome. We firmly stand by the divorce process being a marathon rather than a sprint. Once a couple has reached the point of filing for divorce, they are usually anxious for the divorce process to be finished as soon as possible.  Although a quick resolution may appear to be desirable at the time of divorce, sometimes, people come to realize after the divorce that their settlement regarding their property and children is not as desirable as they once thought.  We work hard to make sure all aspects of your divorce are evaluated, as we know any divorce settlement will impact your life now and for many years to come.  Cutting corners in the divorce process is not an option when preparing to start a successful new chapter in your life after the divorce.

At The Lincoln Law firm we favor alternative dispute resolution methods in divorce. This includes mediation and the use of negotiation tools that avoid the court room and traditional litigation. There are situations where attending court is inevitable. Our first priority is to follow the path that is in your best interest to achieve a realistic outcome. Each divorce is different, and no two cases follow the exact same path. Divorce does not always go as planned, and while we do our best to avoid them, we are prepared for any bumps in the road along the way. 


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