Texas lawmaker wants to end no-fault divorce

Jan 6 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

Those who have gone through dissolution in Texas know how emotional and stressful the whole process can be. When a couple is going through the end of a marriage, they can choose to list why the it is necessary or have it be listed as a no-fault divorce. A Fort Worth lawmaker is seeking to end the no-fault divorce option for Texas couples. A no-fault divorce option is one where the couple agrees neither one is …

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Points to remember in protecting assets in a Texas divorce

Jan 2 2017 - Posted by , in Property Division

Texas couples who are in the process of ending a marriage or have already completed the divorce process need to be vigilant about their finances. Factors to consider are property division, bank accounts, assets, how property obtained during the marriage is allocated and more. Whether the planning for the divorce is underway, if it is in progress, or after it is completed, the spouses must make certain to take various steps to protect themselves. Budgeting …

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Finances are critical during a divorce

Jan 2 2017 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

Houston couples that are going through dissolution know how emotional and stressful this time can be. There are many decisions that need to be made and many of them are financial in nature. In order for a person to wind up in a good spot financially after the divorce is finalized, there are some tips they should keep in mind. One of the first things to do while preparing for a divorce is to separate finances as …

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Dealing with property and items of sentimental value in a divorce

Dec 31 2016 - Posted by , in Property Division

When a Texas couple chooses to end a marriage, there are a great number of factors that will be of significant concern. While children, custody, support, assets and living arrangements might be worrisome, other issues can come up. If there was a great deal of property obtained during the marriage and some of it has financial or sentimental value, this can be difficult to negotiate. With this in mind, it is important to have a …

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Electronic data and divorce

Dec 29 2016 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

When a Houston couple goes through a divorce, there are many things that need to be split. These can include property, assets, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other important assets and liabilities. What about posts made on twitter, emails and Facebook? What can happen to them in the event of a divorce? Many times during a divorce a person’s electronic records are researched and scrutinized. These electronic records may be used in divorce negotiations. If a …

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Texas lawmaker proposes end to no-fault divorce

Dec 29 2016 - Posted by , in Property Division

The lull is nearly over. Statistics show that many couples put off difficult family decisions until after the holidays. With just a few days left in 2016, it is expected that once again a large number of people struggling with unhappy marriages will head to the Harris County courthouse to file for divorce. One Texas lawmaker is trying to make the divorce process a little more difficult. He said that by doing so, he hopes to …

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How is spousal support determined in Texas?

Dec 22 2016 - Posted by , in High Asset Divorce

One major dispute that some couples in Texas who are divorcing face is how much spousal support will be paid by one party to the other. This can be especially complex if one of the parties has significant assets. When it comes to spousal support, the court will decide how much support to award, how long the support will last and when the payments are to be made. There are certain factors that the court …

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Advice from survivors of divorce

Dec 13 2016 - Posted by , in Property Division

They got through it and they want to help others get through it, too. They are people who have gone through the complex legal process and the emotional turmoil of divorce. In a recent newspaper article, they shared some advice for those facing similar questions about property division, child custody, prenuptial agreements and more. One of the bits of advice those who have gone through divorce have is for those who facing a split to get …

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Preparing your finances before divorce

Dec 12 2016 - Posted by , in Divorce, Divorce Mediation

Many people anticipating a divorce go through a combination of relational and financial complications. Fortunately, by taking calculated steps to organizing finances, monetary concerns can be alleviated. Divorces can be expensive, especially with assets and children involved. Learn how to begin getting your finances figured out before the divorce proceeds. Organize your records Keeping detailed financial records will help you prioritize your expenses and prepare for the divorce. Writing down your expenses is a good start. …

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Divorce mediation offers an alternative to litigated divorce

Dec 9 2016 - Posted by , in Divorce Mediation

Conflict can be the reason that a couple chooses to divorce, but not every Houston divorce is replete with fighting. In fact, some couples are able to work through the important negotiations of bringing their marriages to an end without the emotional stress of attending courtroom hearings. Couples that are able to do this are often well suited to use divorce mediation as a means of ending their relationships. Divorce mediation is different from litigated divorce in …

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