Collaborative Divorce – The Growing Trend in Divorces

Apr 28 2023 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law, Divorce

What is a collaborative divorce? In Texas, the collaborative divorce process is an option for spouses who are ready to bring their marriage to an end and who are willing to work together to make it happen. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses work together, through and with their respective attorneys, to find a way to come to mutually agreeable settlement terms. They also engage a neutral communications facilitator to assist in running meetings and …

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5 Things Spouses Should Know About Collaborative Divorce

Mar 2 2023 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law, Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an interest-based approach for spouses who are ready to end their marriage and embark on life’s next chapter. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses do not go to court but rather work together—and alongside subject-matter experts as necessary—to reach an amicable resolution. While pursuing a collaborative divorce can afford several benefits, it isn’t right for all couples. With that said, as you contemplate your divorce, it is important not to write off …

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Understanding the requirements for collaborative law negotiations

Jan 14 2017 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law

Texans who are having marital difficulties, but are not interested nor willing to engage in a protracted conflict, might want to consider a collaborative process to iron out their differences and move forward. There are many reasons why a couple would want to take this course. There might be children as part of the marriage, so the parents may want to work together for the good of their offspring. It could be that the marriage …

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Altering child custody arrangements during the school year

Nov 18 2016 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law

A child’s best interests evolve as that child grows. As a result, specific family circumstances that may have once served a child’s best interests beautifully may no longer do so once a child enters a new phase of development. If your co-parenting situation is no longer structured in a way that best reflects your child’s developmental needs, you may be thinking about altering that situation. Unfortunately, there is no perfect time to alter one’s parenting …

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What must a collaborative law participation agreement include?

Jan 21 2016 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law

Many Texas families face difficult decisions when it comes to issues such as a divorce. A divorce can be a complicated and emotional matter. But many Texas couples decide to use collaborative law to work through a divorce settlement. A collaborative law divorce is an alternative to the typical courtroom drama that is shown on TV. A divorce is worked out through the couple and their attorneys instead of going into court. There are many benefits for …

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Collaborative law and Texas divorce

Sep 18 2015 - Posted by , in Collaborative Law

Many people in Texas who are considering a divorce may dread the process. Traditional divorce litigation can be time-consuming and expensive, and the adversarial nature of the process can lead to long-lasting feelings of frustration and resentment. The good news is that there are alternatives to the traditional litigation route. A collaborative law divorce works for many families and their unique needs. So what is the process for a collaborative law divorce? During a collaborative law divorce, …

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