Electronic data and divorce

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When a Houston couple goes through a divorce, there are many things that need to be split. These can include property, assets, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other important assets and liabilities. What about posts made on twitter, emails and Facebook? What can happen to them in the event of a divorce?

Many times during a divorce a person’s electronic records are researched and scrutinized. These electronic records may be used in divorce negotiations. If a person foresees that their relationship is heading for a divorce, there are certain things that should be done. First, a person should be very careful what they are posting online.

Online accounts may be taken down or posts may be far less frequent. Regardless, do not post about new relationships, bad mouth ex-relationships or show any kind of frivolous spending of money. Passwords to all online accounts should also be changed and security questions should be changed as well with answers that cannot be guessed by an ex-spouse.

A person should also create a new email account, tighten privacy settings on social media accounts and make sure that calendars, pictures and other online accounts are no longer being shared with an ex-spouse. Synced devices may allow an ex-spouse to see their text messages and other private information.

A divorce is an especially traumatic event and emotions are at an all-time high. There may be many disputes that a couple can go through and it can be hard for a person to know what to do when they are facing a divorce, which is why a legal professional skilled in divorce can be especially helpful. An attorney has the experience necessary to advise their client on the steps they need to take to protect themselves both during the divorce and after.

Being smart about online activity during a divorce is smart for anyone. What a person says and does online can adversely affect their divorce outcome.

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