What are common co-parenting challenges?

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What are common co-parenting challenges?

Parenting can be an enigmatic endeavor. Not long ago, a major national magazine framed the issue clearly. According to general research findings cited in the article, few parents regret having been parents and many single adults regret never having had children. At the same time, however, parenting doesn’t necessarily elicit joy. Many respondents said they don’t like the job. Further, research indicated mothers experience less happiness than fathers, and single parents are even more unhappy. Now, add in the factor of divorce.

When parents divorce, it creates new strains on an already broken relationship. It can take a significant amount of maturity and commitment for adults to find ways to foster the various relationships, roles and responsibilities when caring for the children requires plans for co-parenting.

Common co-parenting questions

One of the first hurdles parents face in formulating a plan for custody and visitation is understanding how the structures are meant to work and agreeing to the terms. From the court’s perspective, the goal is to encourage the parents to come up with a plan that not only meets their needs, but primarily ensures that the best interests of the children are met. These terms are compiled into a draft agreement to be submitted to the court for possible approval.

In the event of disagreement after that, say over visitation time, the court order should serve as the source of resolution. If the issue is that lack of agreement is holding up finalizing the divorce, many experts recommend taking the issue to mediation. If a plan is in place and is no longer working, seeking a modification is possible. If the issue is one of a lack of coordination on parental calendars, digital and analog tools exist to help.

However, in the face of general confusion over any co-parenting plan, the best advice is to consult your attorney.

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