Common Divorce Mistakes With Simple Solutions

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Common Divorce Mistakes With Simple Solutions

Most people learn from experience. Whether it is riding a bike, golfing, cooking, or playing guitar, you usually aren’t an expert on your first try. Learning and being successful usually require practice and gaining experience. So how are you expected to be successful navigating through a divorce, likely something you have neither practiced nor have experience with?

The best place to start – find someone who does possess the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. While your family, friends, and neighbor who has been divorced twice may be a great support system, it is imperative you find a qualified attorney.

A critical mistake early on in the divorce process is to hire the “wrong” attorney for you. There are varying levels of experienced employees in all professions, and it is no different for attorneys. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you would like to find in an attorney. Do you want an attorney who will be responsive to your calls and emails? Maybe an attorney who specializes in the division of retirement accounts? An attorney who has extensive experience with uncommon possession schedules for children?

The internet is a great resource for finding “your” specific attorney. It can also be a double-edged sword. Due diligence is key. Know where to look. Sometimes the first person who appears on Google may not be the fit for you. Most attorneys have profiles on, which is a great source for reviews. Take the time to read the client reviews and imagine how the attorney would, or would not, benefit you.

For more on how to avoid common divorce mistakes, follow the link under “Source”.

Source: “Alleviate Divorce Pain By Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes” By Michael F. Kay

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