A prenuptial agreement does not have to be something negative

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When a Houston couple gets engaged, the least romantic thing they may be able to think of is creating a prenuptial agreement. Deciding on a date, venue, dresses, decorations, and everything else is way more exciting and romantic. But, taking the time to discuss a prenuptial agreement can be good for the marriage.

Many couples are still hesitant in creating a prenuptial agreement. They may think their fiancé will not agree to it and will then not want to get married or reveal the state of their finances. But for many couples, a prenuptial agreement makes sense. First, if a divorce occurs, a spouse will know what their financial obligations are ahead of time. The couple decides what happens to assets, a business, spousal support, etc. before the emotional and contentious time of a divorce. A couple agrees in advance what settlement makes sense to them and can thus make for an easier divorce if that happens.

Second, a prenuptial agreement forces a couple to look at their finances before they are married. This can be a benefit for couples and help them avoid future arguments about money. Couples creating a prenuptial agreement will need to talk through debt, income, assets and inheritance before a difficult financial situation occurs. This can lead to a couple being on the same financial page before they are even married.

Finally, a prenuptial agreement requires a fairly significant amount of communication between future spouses. This is good for a couple to practice their communication skills. It helps a couple find out what goals, motivations and concerns they may have before getting married. Discussing these matters ahead of time can help a couple learn how to compromise, which is a good skill for everyone to have.

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