Why some months are better and worse for filing divorce

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People can decide to end their marriage for all kinds of reasons and at all times of the year, but for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, some times appear to be more popular than others. As we discussed in a previous blog post, January is the busiest month for divorce filings. For Houston couples who have divorce in the back of their minds, there are pros and cons as to why January may make sense to file for divorce.

There are advantages to filing for divorce in January. The start of a new year can be a good time to make big personal steps in starting a new life. For that reason, January may be a good time to make the huge decision to initiate a divorce. Also, the holiday season is now many months away and family life has returned to a more normal state. January also means that the year-end income has been deposited and annual bonuses have likely arrived already. That income is subject to division during the divorce settlement.

The disadvantages of filing for divorce in January can be that a couple may just be stressed out from the holidays, and once that stress dies down, they may discover that the relationship is not as rocky as they may have thought. A person may also feel ready for the divorce but they may be not in any way ready for what they will need to proceed with the divorce. This includes having all of the financial paperwork, having money to pay for the divorce, having credit in their own name and their own bank account, and having a divorce team ready to go. Being prepared for the emotionally traumatic time that a divorce brings is very important.

Divorce can be a difficult time, but thankfully there are steps a couple can take to pave the way for smooth divorce proceedings. With the help of an attorney, it is often possible to prepare everything necessary for the best possible outcome.

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