Texas grounds for fault in a divorce

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When a Texas couple gets married the last thing on their mind is a divorce. But a large percentage couples will go through a divorce. In Texas there are several grounds for fault for a divorce.

When a person decides to file for divorce they need to list a reason. There are 7 grounds for fault in a divorce in Texas. The first is insupportability which means irreconcilable differences. This is the only fault that doesn’t blame either party. The other faults include cruelty, adultery, conviction of a felony, abandonment, living apart (couples need to have been living apart for at least 3 years), and confinement in a mental hospital.

If a person believes that their marriage may soon be ending they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in divorce and family law. Legal problems need to be addressed immediately with an attorney who has the experience needed to make sure your needs are being met and your future is being protected. There are many complicated issues that may need to be addressed in a divorce including property division, child support, child custody, among many others. A divorce does not have to involve emotional litigation but can be arranged through a collaborative process as well, saving clients time, money and emotional stress.

The end of a marriage is an emotional time for all involved. While it may take time for emotional wounds to heal, doing all you can in the moment to make the path toward divorce less stressful is recommended. A divorce can involve many complicating factors as well which an attorney skilled in family law can help a person navigate.

Source: Texas Code, “Code § 6.001-6.007,” Accessed Jan. 13, 2016

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