Investing In Your Future After Divorce Starts Before You File

Mar 27 2018 - Posted by , in Divorce, Financial Challenges

When most people think of life events which can negatively impact one’s financial future, the first to come to mind may be a disability, death of a spouse, change of employment, or a medical emergency. Many do not consider divorce, which can have the most significant impact on your financial future. Divorce will impact your financial situation now and for many years to come. So where do you start when your financial stability is at …

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Preparing your finances before divorce

Dec 12 2016 - Posted by , in Divorce, Divorce Mediation

Many people anticipating a divorce go through a combination of relational and financial complications. Fortunately, by taking calculated steps to organizing finances, monetary concerns can be alleviated. Divorces can be expensive, especially with assets and children involved. Learn how to begin getting your finances figured out before the divorce proceeds. Organize your records Keeping detailed financial records will help you prioritize your expenses and prepare for the divorce. Writing down your expenses is a good start. …

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Divorced parents can navigate holiday spending cooperatively

Dec 17 2014 - Posted by , in Divorce

One of the most common sources of conflict around the holidays is spending – either one parent accuses the other of overspending, or one claims the other isn’t spending enough on the children. Parents are often coping with their own financial challenges as well during this often stressful time. Fortunately, there are ways divorced parents can work together during the holidays to let their children enjoy the season without excessive stress, discord or guilt. One …

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