Property division should be discussed with a divorce attorney

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When a Houston couple gets married, the last thing they consider is whether their marriage will end in divorce. But for many couples, the end of a marriage is a reality. During this emotional time, there are certain items that should be discussed with a divorce attorney, including children and property division.

Depending on a person’s situation, there are many different items that will need to be discussed with a divorce attorney. If children are involved in a relationship, the issues that may need to be discussed include child support and visitation, grandparents’ visitation, college expenses, health insurance, claiming children on taxes and religious upbringing. The other big topic that is discussed in a divorce are property issues. These can include the family home and other properties, retirement accounts, home furnishings, cars, savings accounts, business assets, investment accounts and other personal property and assets. Spousal support, including how much and for how long may also be discussed.

In order to accurately evaluate all of these issues, an attorney should be provided with important documents. These can include tax returns, income statements, bank statements, retirement and investment account statements, mortgage statements, credit card statements and loan statements, utility bills, benefits statements, school tuition information, insurance policies, appraisals and lists of personal property. Estate planning documents should also be provided including power of attorney, wills and trusts.

A divorce involves many emotions and is a very difficult time for a person. An attorney who practices family law can help their client with the many different issues that need to be worked out before a divorce is finalized.

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