Lessons for Houston spouses from a celebrity divorce

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Celebrity divorces happen frequently. It seems as if each week there’s another one in the news. Sometimes a celebrity divorce can offer lessons for regular Houston residents going through a divorce.

The Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom divorce offers a unique glimpse into what can happen for regular people going through a divorce. Although they filed their divorce paperwork back in July it has been backlogged in the court system. So when Lamar was rushed to the hospital after visiting a Las Vegas brothel he was still legally married to Khloe. This means that she still had the authority and responsibility to make medical decisions about his treatment. According to news reports Odom did not have a living will or other legal document in place.

Although sometimes ex-spouses still care about each other and would entrust each other with their medical care, most of the time an ex-spouse is the last person someone would want to make their medical decisions. If a person knows that they don’t want their ex-spouse making these important medical decisions they need to have a Medical Directive drawn up. A Medical Directive can include a power of attorney, living will and health care proxy. This will specify a person who will be responsible for medical decisions on a person’s behalf.

Being prepared for a life-changing event can help a person feel more at ease. The end of a marriage is an emotional time and it is important to keep in mind the many difficult topics that need to be addressed.

Source: forbes.com, “The latest in celebrity splits: What divorcing women can learn from Khloe and Lamar“, Jeff Landers, Nov. 3, 2015

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