January is busiest month for divorces

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Now that the holidays are over many Houston residents will be making fresh starts for the New Year. The fresh starts may be exercising more, starting a new hobby, cutting down on sugar intake, or changing up a relationship. January is the busiest month for divorces.

Family law attorneys are used to getting many divorce requests during this period. There are many reasons why people choose to seek out a divorce in January. Some stay together during the holidays and wait until January to seek out a divorce. Others stay together during the holidays and think that things will get better but they don’t. Unrealistic expectations during the holiday season can also lead couples to seek out a divorce when things didn’t go as expected. And of course the beginning of a new year can be seen as the time for change and new beginnings.

If a Houston resident is considering a divorce they may want to consult with a legal professional skilled in family law. An attorney has experience in negotiating a fair divorce settlement. They are skilled in the important task of property division and other assets including businesses and retirement accounts. Alimony, child custody and child support can also be tricky areas that are helped with the advice of an attorney.

If the new year is bringing thoughts of a divorce it can be a good idea to consult with an attorney. The end of a marriage can be an emotional time. However, a divorce can also mean a new beginning for a person.

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