If you marry on this day, prepare to divorce

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Preparations for a wedding day can include travel plans, hiring a photographer, finding and booking an appropriate venue for the ceremony, lining up a spot for a reception, and much, much more. However, if you do all of that just to have a wedding on Valentine’s Day, you might as well start preparations for a divorce as well.

At least that’s the conclusion of a recent study on the worst days for weddings. Researchers found that those who get married on “gimmick” days such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, November 12, 2013 (11-12-13), and the like, are perhaps more likely to need the services of family law attorneys than those who marry on “normal” days.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne studied more than a million marriages over a 14-year period. What they found was that those couples who married on Valentine’s Day were 45 percent more likely to divorce within three years than those who got hitched on ordinary days.

Couples that married on numerically odd or interesting dates such as 11-12-13 also had higher than average divorce rates. Of course, that begs the question: Why? According to a recent article, one of the study’s authors suggests that it likely has to do with the type of people who marry on Valentine’s and numerically special days. Those couples might be more interested in superficial bonds than on shared interests and compatibility, he said.

Of course, like all studies of marriage and divorce, the results are general and do not apply to individuals. Some couples who marry on Valentine’s are together until death.

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