How does a divorce mediation work?

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When a Houston couple decides that their marriage is over, it can be an extremely emotional time. The emotional stress and complexities of a divorce can bring hardship to a person. A divorce that goes through a divorce mediation instead of a litigated divorce can be a good alternative for many families.

Many couples choose mediation instead of a litigated divorce and there are good reasons why. Mediation allows for the couple to have much more control over the decisions that need to be made. Couples are able to work together to make decisions as far as child support and child custody, property division and other important issues.

When a couple chooses mediation for their divorce, a mediator helps the couple resolve their issues. The mediator is a neutral party who is trained in helping people work through their differences and come out with an agreement that is fair. The couple meets with the mediator. These meetings identify the issues that need to be discussed and the order in which they are discussed. The couple gathers all financial data and other information that may be needed from appraisers and other professionals. Meetings are held to seek compromise on various issues with the mediator weighing in on how the divorce typically proceeds and the common ways that disputed issues are resolved. When the couple has reached an agreement in their divorce, the mediator drafts an agreement. The mediator often is able to file all of the paperwork needed. Using a mediator is often a more cost-effective way to divorce than the traditional litigated divorce.

Using mediation can be a smart idea for many couples. Mediation allows each person to have their say, and mediators have been a good resource in making sure the process works for everyone.

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