Health plans and a divorce

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For most Texas residents, health care is a critical issue. No one wants to go without health care coverage, and it can be very expensive to get it on your own. A person who is going through a divorce may need to know if they can stay on their ex-spouse’s health care plan as a spousal support benefit.

When a marriage ends there are many changes to a person’s life, including living situations, financial arrangements and health benefits. In many situations, one spouse’s health care benefits are better than the other spouse’s. When there is a divorce, a person may want to remain on their ex-spouse’s health care plan.

Unfortunately, once the divorce is finalized you cannot remain on their health care plan. When a person is taken off their spouse’s health insurance plan. they do have access to COBRA coverage. This can be a good short-term solution until a better health care plan is found.

When a couple goes through a divorce, it is typically a stressful and emotions can run high. A legal professional skilled in family law can help their client navigate every aspect of a divorce as each divorce is unique. Each person has their own unique needs and an attorney is skilled in knowing what needs to be done now to protect their client’s future. An attorney knows how to navigate the legal system to make sure their client’s interests are being handled properly.

Although a person may not remain on their ex’s health care plan after a divorce, it does not mean that there aren’t any health care options. Knowing what these options are can help a person feel secure after the divorce is finalized.

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