Divorce mediation can be beneficial for both partners

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When a Houston couple believes their marriage is heading for divorce emotions can be at an all-time high. A divorce is often costly and traumatic for both partners. For some, it may make sense to pursue alternative options to traditional divorce, such as divorce mediation.

Instead of hiring an aggressive attorney who will threaten their former spouse, file numerous court orders and turn the divorce into an emotional and financial pit, there are a few alternatives that can turn a divorce into a more stable situation. The first is using mediation. A divorce mediator will work out a fair settlement between both spouses by being a neutral third party. They can help the couple work out child custody issues and child support, property distribution, alimony, taxes and retirement benefits. All of this can be done at a far lesser cost than traditional litigation and in a shorter time period. An additional benefit of mediation is that the terms of the divorce remain private.

A second option is a collaborative divorce. This is where each party has their own counsel who get together to work out a settlement. Additional experts may be brought in including psychologists, social workers and accountants. The collaborative attorneys are trained to offer professional guidance and support for their client. They can negotiate temporary agreements, easily exchange information with the other spouse’s attorney, work out a fair settlement for both parties, and create a process for how post-divorce decisions will be made. Like mediation, a collaborative divorce can also keep the couple’s information private and it is usually less costly than a litigated divorce.

Houston couples who are going through a divorce have alternatives to the traditional litigated divorce. An attorney who specializes in family law can help their client figure out what option is best for them and their situation.

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