Credit cards and divorce

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Houston area residents who are going through a divorce know how traumatic and emotional of a time this time can be. A divorce introduces couples to the concept of property division. Property division includes both assets and debt that the couple has accumulated.

Almost every couple has credit cards in both their own names and as a joint account. In a divorce situation these can add complications. Credit cards can be held individually or jointly. Because Texas is a community property state, the individual debts of one spouse may appear on both spouse’s credit report. A joint credit card is the responsibility of both spouses.

It is important that payments are made to the card during the divorce proceedings to make sure the debt doesn’t negatively affect a person’s credit history. As long as there is an outstanding balance on a joint account, both spouses are responsible for it regardless of marital status. In the event of a divorce the spouses may want to close joint accounts or accounts where the other spouse was an authorized user and open new accounts.

A person who is going through a divorce probably likely has many questions regarding property division and other complicated issues like child support and alimony. An attorney skilled in family law can help make sure a person’s questions are answered and their best interests are respected during the divorce proceedings.

Debt can be a big party of property division. Although most people just want the divorce to end and to make a new start it is important to know how much of an impact marital debt can have. Attorneys can help make sure their client emerges from the divorce ready for a fresh start.

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