Are there ways to simplify a divorce?

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Houston couples who feel their relationship is heading for a divorce may feel overwhelmed. A divorce can be a complicated and emotional time. There may be ways to simplify a divorce which can help make the situation a little less difficult.

One simplifying move a person can make is to open a bank account in their own name. This can help ensure that a person has their own money to get through the divorce in case the other spouse drains the joint account. If a person feels the need to explain in written form why they want a divorce it may be a good idea to run the letter by an attorney first. The ex may be able to use the letter against them in court proceedings. Also, it may be a good idea for both lawyers to meet early in the process to go over sticking points that may turn into big issues later. In addition, if motions need to be filed with the court, consolidating them and filing them all at the same time can save time for both the court and oneself.

A divorce process is not something that is easy or quick. A person going through a divorce needs to realize the time and effort that it may require to gather all of the necessary documents, working through finances, meeting with professionals and separating personal belongings and property division. Transitioning to a new life is difficult and making it go as smoothly as possible will require some work.

A legal professional skilled in divorce can make sure their client’s needs are being met while working through the intricacies that a divorce can bring. An attorney can understand their client’s needs both during the divorce and after and can help a client make the decisions necessary to make sure their transition to a new life goes as smoothly as possible.

Source:, “8 ways to simplify your divorce, according to attorneys“, Carolin Lehmann, June 6, 2016

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