Does a postnuptial agreement make sense?

Oct 28 2016 - Posted by , in Postnuptial Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more popular among Houston residents who are engaged. But the lesser known postnuptial agreements are also becoming more popular. These may make sense for married Houston couples. A postnuptial agreement spells out what happens to assets and debts if a couple is to be divorced. The postnuptial agreement is drawn up and signed after a couple is married. There are many reasons why a couple would draft a postnuptial agreement. One …

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What can I include in my prenup?

Oct 21 2016 - Posted by , in Prenuptial Agreement

Although bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement, or prenup, with your soon-to-be spouse may be an uncomfortable conversation, especially with all the joys of a wedding and a lifelong commitment to your future, there is no denying that the benefits of a prenup are vast. But what can be included in a prenup? More than you may think. A common belief is that prenuptial agreements only cover a couple’s property division in the …

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