Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are also known as “visitation” agreements or “parenting time.” The determinations are always made based on the best interests of a child. Typically, the court will look at stability to protect the child. A parenting plan will determine where a child lives, goes to school, spends holidays and weekends. If parents can mutually agree then they can make their own determinations. If not, the court may appoint an amicus attorney to assist in determining the child’s primary residence, the allocation of rights and duties, and the parenting time for each parent.

After a divorce, you may be concerned about how much time you get to spend with your children. When faced with parenting time and child custody disputes, it is important to know for advocacy your options and your rights. At The Lincoln Law Firm we offer experienced, strategic support focused on the best interests of our clients. We will take the time to understand your goals and interests so that we can create a tailored plan for your family.

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