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The right of reimbursement in Texas property division

Individuals considering divorce for the first time may have heard about the different models of property division. In most states, the theory that rules is called equitable distribution. A judge has the power to decide what is fair. The outcome might favor one spouse over the other depending on many variables.

Pet custody addressed in the first state law of its kind in U.S.

With divorce now common, family laws in most states have managed to adapt in ways that maximize the wellbeing of children. An increasing number of states, for instance, are encouraging some form of shared custody. The reasoning behind this is that it is generally in the best interests of children to maintain strong ties to both parents, when possible.

Points to remember in protecting assets in a Texas divorce

Texas couples who are in the process of ending a marriage or have already completed the divorce process need to be vigilant about their finances. Factors to consider are property division, bank accounts, assets, how property obtained during the marriage is allocated and more. Whether the planning for the divorce is underway, if it is in progress, or after it is completed, the spouses must make certain to take various steps to protect themselves.

Dealing with property and items of sentimental value in a divorce

When a Texas couple chooses to end a marriage, there are a great number of factors that will be of significant concern. While children, custody, support, assets and living arrangements might be worrisome, other issues can come up. If there was a great deal of property obtained during the marriage and some of it has financial or sentimental value, this can be difficult to negotiate. With this in mind, it is important to have a plan beforehand. This requires experienced legal help.

Texas lawmaker proposes end to no-fault divorce

The lull is nearly over. Statistics show that many couples put off difficult family decisions until after the holidays. With just a few days left in 2016, it is expected that once again a large number of people struggling with unhappy marriages will head to the Harris County courthouse to file for divorce.

Dividing a retirement account during a divorce

When a Houston couple decides to get a divorce, the couple is face with a multitude of decisions. Property division is often one of the most important aspects of the divorce settlement. A person's retirement account is frequently one of their largest assets. Dividing retirement accounts in a divorce is an important task that could have lasting consequences.

Can out of state property be subject to property division?

When a couple in Texas decides to end their marriage, one of the most contentious issues that can come up as the process moves forward is property division. There are general rules that dictate property division and there are also special circumstances that will dictate how a complex property division will be handled. Those who are in the midst of a divorce or are considering one need to be cognizant of how special circumstances can affect the division and disposition of certain property.

Dissipation of assets during a divorce

When a Houston couple decides that they need to divorce it can be a very hard time for both parties involved. The emotional impact alone is incredibly traumatic to a person. Many times, couples can work through a divorce amicably and reach a resolution that benefits both parties. But, occasionally a divorce can get nasty and seriously hurt the two sides forever.

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