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Texas divorce: More than 1 way to reach the desired objective

Have you ever heard the phrase, "There's more than one way to skin a cat"? We suspect most readers have. It's sometimes interesting to dig into where such proverbs started. In this case, an online search suggests it traces back to at least the mid-1800s. For most of us in the U.S., it's likely to have come to the fore through Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," where he wrote: "she was wise, subtle, and knew more than one way to skin a cat," meaning she had many ways achieve her ends.

We bring this up because where Texas law is concerned, there are more ways than many people realize for resolving divorce and other family law disputes. Going to court may have been the norm in past decades. More recently, though, things have changed. Going to trial is much rarer because there forms of alternative dispute resolution available. The burden this puts on the individual is to try to figure out which form might be most effective to pursue. This is where an attorney's help can be essential.

Avoiding court through settlements

Divorce is hard enough for all the parties involved without having to face the possibility of a trial. Most of the time, settling issues outside of court proves to be a better method.

Broadly speaking, there are three forms of alternative dispute resolution. These include:

  • Divorce mediation: A model in which a neutral third party facilitates a settlement between the divorcing parties, represented by their respective attorneys.
  • Collaborative divorce: Similar to mediation but without a neutral mediator. Agreements are worked out by the parties' attorneys.
  • Divorce arbitration: More like a trial than the other ADR forms, this one involves the parties agreeing to hire a private judge to resolve their disputes.

The form of ADR that might be best for your situation depends on a thorough assessment of the unique elements of your case. To learn more and how our firm can help, we invite you to visit our web page devoted to this subject.

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