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Why Prenuptial Agreements Should Be a Norm before Marriage

Meeting the right marital partner is widely considered a feat by most couples worldwide. By tying the knot with them, you dedicate spending the rest of your life cherishing each moment beside your significant other. Connotations such as "love is blind" or "love doesn't ask why" are in peak effect as love emotions flood in every direction. Nevertheless, you might want to consider preparing prenuptial agreements just to safeguard your financial interests in case the marriage doesn't work out.

While most believe such a bold step is a misguided perception about true love, the essence of prenuptial agreements doesn't limit expressions of love. They merely act as financial security when the marriage fails to live up to expectations. Before getting swamped by wedding preparations involving the selection of a venue or the best catering company, understand the basic concepts behind prenuptial agreements. More importantly, the signing of prenuptial agreements indicates that couples are in the marriage for the long haul, and trivial issues such as property division will not tear them apart.

In most cases, prenuptial agreements are prepared and signed in the company of experienced attorneys. As your lawyer, they will advise you on how marital property will be sub-divided in the unfortunate case of a divorce. Single owned properties are best managed individually while jointly owned property might require keen insight during the division process. Remember prenuptial agreements exist for the sole purpose of safeguarding asset protection during and after the marriage. Apart from highlighting assets owned by each spouse, the pre-marital agreement also sheds light on debt management by each partner. While debts incurred before matrimony remain unaffected, those jointly committed by both spouses should be serviced in a clear manner as outlined by the Law.

Given the high marriage rates in Houston, Texas, getting a pre-marital agreement in time might just save you a pile of trouble down the line. First-time couples might need more time to comprehend the benefits of a pre-marital agreement while experienced partners are completely different based on the past marriage experiences. Having decided to sign prenuptial agreements, partners should disclose their exact wealth regarding assets and liabilities owed to individuals or institutions. In reference to this stipulation, expensive assets hidden in offshore companies should be identified.

If you intend on signing prenuptial agreements, don't hesitate to consult an experienced Texas divorce attorney for adequate legal advice.

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