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Ownership docs key to safeguarding business interests in divorce

Texas is well-known across the country as a business-friendly state. With a relatively healthy economy and a culture known for independence and common sense, it's no surprise that countless businesses, both small and large, form a ubiquitous presence in the state. When a couple who has become business partners decides to divorce, though, the positive perks of being a business owner may quickly fade for some soon-to-be-ex-spouses.

Avoiding court via mediation can also avoid costs, frustration

Few things in life are as costly, financially and emotionally, as the end of a marriage. Together, two spouses can share incomes, living expenses and the trials and tribulations of a growing family. Apart, though, these things can be more difficult initially, especially during and after divorce. While separation and divorce may be tough in the short term, they can be beneficial in the long run if done under the paradigm of mediation.

Divorce, property division and taxes: items to consider

The financial aspects of a Texas divorce can be a source of conflict or a road map for the future, depending on how couples approach money matters. One issue that some couples may not immediately consider is the tax consequences of a divorce. According to the CEO of Wevorce, a website aimed at helping couples divorce amicably, property division has a tendency to grow in levels of complication extremely quickly.

What type of divorce is in the best interests of the child?

Divorce has changed in many ways over the years, with more and more attention being paid to divorce's effect on the entire family. When couples have children, they are bonded for the long-term even if the marriage must come to an end. As a result, many Texas families have opted for divorce mediation as a way to keep family bonds secure while redrawing the boundaries of romantic relationships.

In high asset divorce, assets can be hidden within the family

It's very rare for a divorce in the Houston area to not involve property division in some way. In rare instances, couples who haven't been married long may have very few marital assets to divide. However, most couples are married for years, often decades, and thus have acquired plenty of shared property that must be considered if they formally end the marriage.

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