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Which type of trust is most suitable in a high asset divorce?

Many married couples in Texas, especially those with substantial assets or income, turn to a living trust to safeguard their hard work and pass it along to their children or family members. Typically, married couples will use a joint trust, which keeps their chosen assets together as a shared unit. In community property states like Texas, shared trusts tend to be a favorable option, although both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Are you protected in the event of a non-amicable divorce?

If engaged couples ponder divorce at all, it is usually because they have chosen to complete a prenuptial agreement before the big day. Even then, though, it is difficult to think a divorce could happen. Furthermore, most newlyweds often assume that, in the sad event that a divorce does occur, it would certainly be amicable. However, non-amicable divorces are a reality for many Houston couples, and it is sometimes best for the couple to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Divorce can run more smoothly if mediation elements are followed

Some divorcing couples in Houston are not aware that there are options for how they proceed through a divorce. For instance, spouses can opt for a traditional, litigated divorce if they disagree on key issues, or they can pursue mediation or collaborative law. In Texas, mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that can, if done correctly, save couples time, money and emotional stress.

Retirement assets in property division: follow the money

For many Houston residents contemplating divorce, it is overwhelming to even think about all the different decisions they will have to make. Even more momentous are the implications of such decisions for the immediate future, as well as down the road. For Texans who have retirement accounts, or who are on the brink of retiring, property division may result in even more decisions that need to be made and options that need to be weighed.

Mediation can help families plan smooth, balanced holidays

There is perhaps no more stressful time of the year than the holiday season. Likewise, there are few family events as stressful as divorce or separation. When both of these happen around the same time, a family's stress level can shoot through the roof, if either occurs unplanned. For Houston families, one way to balance the transition of divorce, with the chaos of the holidays, is to prepare for both through mediation.

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