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Understanding divorce conflict key to overcoming it

Any married couple knows that conflict is inevitable in relationships. Sometimes conflict might be trivial, but at other times it may form the surface of deeper troubles. When a couple decides that their own conflicts are irreparable, they may also decide that divorce is the best option. However, the process of divorce can unleash a host of other conflicts, many of which can be better understood through collaborative law.

Collaborative law is an option for conflicted couples in Texas. Instead of taking disagreements into court, those who choose collaborative law can avoid court and settle their disputes in private. One of the reasons why collaborative law is often successful for many different types of couples is that the procedure is rooted in an understanding of conflict.

One of the main starting points for conflict is each side's belief that they are asserting the absolute truth. Of course, disputes often involve two different sides to the same story, but discord can devolve into flared emotions when both parties insist any other side to a story is utterly false. Collaborative law allows both parties to air their versions of events, with experienced third parties finding elements of truth in the big picture that tends to emerge during discussions.

Another important element of conflict is the exaggeration of one's own good points, as well as a corresponding inflation of the other's bad points. From property division to child custody, many divorce-related legal issues entail each party's being well-suited for the outcome. For example, in many child custody situations, each parent may try to make their home sound better for childrearing than the other's residence. Collaborative law professionals understand that one party's virtues don't have to imply another's faults in the same area.

Finally, conflict can escalate when each party moves away from the main issue and resorts to name-calling or personal attacks. Collaborative law processes are focused on the issues at hand; in addition, collaborative law professionals can guide parties in examining their own motives and making sure decisions are made in the best interests of the family unit.

Although this process could be very beneficial for those seeking to reach an amicable divorce agreement and keep costs down, some couples simply cannot get along and put their differences aside. Even if the couple seeks to avoid litigation, some couples may only reach a divorce agreement through this route. Those struggling with divorce issues should seek independent advice and guidance in the situation. This could help protect their rights and interest in the situation.

Source: LinkedIn Today, "Understanding conflict," Jim Sniechowski, Dec. 7, 2013

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