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A divorce from a second spouse can prove just as complex

Houston and the entire state of Texas have long been associated with a culture of strength and independence. Those same values have also been epitomized by actor and director Clint Eastwood, whose second wife recently filed for divorce. In September, Eastwood's wife had filed for legal separation. Divorce papers were filed in October, with irreconcilable differences cited as the formal reason for the split.

Credit scores can influence divorce, property division

Before couples in the Houston area tie the knot, they usually go over a few basic details with each other: where they will live, how many children they want and what shape their careers will take. However, one thing that newlyweds tend to gloss over is the issue of finances. This subject can rear its head later on, after the honeymoon has ended and couples have begun coping with the reality of everyday expenses.

When a high-profile couple splits, speculation can run wild

If a Houston couple has amassed some wealth over the years and then decides to part ways, friends and family can spark countless money-related rumors. A high-profile couple's divorce usually invites a good deal of speculation, which isn't necessarily unwarranted. After all, property division can become bitterly contentious if parties disagree on the many financial matters of a high asset divorce.

Collaborative law as an alternative to drawn-out separations

When Houston-area couples realize their marriage might not be working anymore, there are a variety of options available. There are different ways to divorce, of course, such as collaborative law, but there are also different speeds of splitting. Some may wish to get things over with as quickly as possible, while others may opt for a long-term separation. For those living apart from their spouses but headed for divorce, the separation may evolve into an indefinite limbo.

High asset divorces may feature restrictions on joint accounts

As any Houston area resident who has gone through a divorce likely knows, a marital breakup is not immediate. Even if a splitting couple has few shared assets, no children and completely separate finances, a divorce will require at least a little bit of time. One of the most puzzling aspects of the divorce timing issue is discovering how to pay for things after a breakup but before a divorce is complete.

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