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Money-minded Texans can save big with collaborative divorce

Teamwork and partnership is required to make any marriage healthy and happy. Interestingly, the same concepts are also invaluable when it comes to divorce, despite the inherent difficulties involved. While it may surprise some to know that this option exists, collaborative law is a method of divorcing that relies on the very qualities that also support marriage and family.

Immigration, divorce and property division can impact each other

A rarely-enforced aspect of immigration law is at the heart of one Texas divorce case, which involves a Mexican-born spouse and a divorce from several years ago. A woman born outside U.S. borders married an American man, but the marriage did not last. However, prior to their union, the husband signed an affidavit vowing to support his spouse so that she would not end up a "public charge," or someone who relies on government assistance.

Breaking down a high asset divorce

In any overwhelming situation, it always helps to break things down into manageable parts. A divorce is no different, especially if the split is a high asset divorce between one or two parties with significant assets or income. One of the most beneficial steps couples can take during this time is to carefully define their priorities, and then consult with a professional regarding how to protect themselves according to those priorities.

Behavior matters during divorce mediation

In a Texas marriage, control can be either a positive or a negative element. If one's partner is controlling, for instance, that can signal problems down the road. On the other hand, if both partners seek shared control over the direction of their union, good things can result. These options can exist in a divorce as well. If both partners vie for control over property division, for example, a drawn-out battle can ensue. However, if both parties commit to cooperation, mutually beneficial solutions can be bred.

Without a prenup in place, crucial decisions can be left to state

Many Texans are aware that without a will or any sort of estate planning, a person's death can result in turmoil and confusion for family members. However, what many people don't realize is that marriage also can take on a life of its own. When a marriage ends without a prenuptial agreement, a similar scenario can befall parties to a marriage.

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