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A high asset divorce can feature a fair conclusion

In divorce cases where one spouse is a celebrity and the other is not, it is sometimes assumed that the more famous or wealthier partner will be financially damaged by a split. For years, media reports of non-famous spouses who received lavish settlements fueled these fears. Nowadays, though, the final outcome of a high asset divorce in Texas can depend on many factors, and the higher-earning spouse may not be hit as hard as they expect to be.

Professional wrestler for the WWE, Randy Orton, has recently gotten a divorce from his wife. Following a separation in 2012, Orton's former wife of six years filed for divorce this past March. Reportedly, Orton has fared quite well from a financial standpoint after his divorce. According to the popular celebrity-watching website TMZ, Orton has retained his rights to multiple six-figure bank accounts, as well as his entire WWE contract. It is estimated that his wrestling contract pays him over $290,000 per month.

It has also been reported that Orton was able to keep several luxury vehicles, including a Bentley, a Range Rover, and a Harley Davidson. In addition, Orton retained one home, some jewelry, and a collection of firearms.

While Orton's success in keeping certain items may make it seem as if his former wife lost out, that doesn't appear to be the case. His ex-spouse got to keep a 2013 Infiniti, jewelry and a bank account with over $650,000 in it. In addition, she has full custody of the former couple's daughter, and will receive child support totaling $4,500 each month.

The goals and objectives of a high asset divorce should always revolve around fairness, and it seems as if the Ortiz case accomplished just that. Still, without proper legal guidance, either party to a divorce can easily overlook important considerations. This can result in an unbalanced outcome and hard feelings for years to come.

Source: The Bleacher Report, "Randy Orton and wife reportedly divorce, details released," Mike Chiari, July 10, 2013

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