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Women with cold feet benefit from prenuptial agreements

Having "cold feet" before making a major commitment is not uncommon when it comes to weddings and marriage, but new evidence suggests these feelings should not be ignored. According to a recent UCLA study, hesitant thoughts prior to a marriage may indicate an increased risk of divorce later on.

While divorce has become more accepted in today's ever-changing society, the financial and emotional costs can still carry a toll, and few couples relish the thought of a drawn-out court battle. However, in Texas, prenuptial agreements offer anyone with nagging doubts the opportunity to eliminate worries before a commitment.

Justin Lavner, the researcher who led the study, noted that there is a common misconception about pre-wedding jitters. Culture and society emphasize the normalcy of these thoughts, he explains, whereas the hesitation may point to more serious underlying concerns. Among the newlyweds studied in the report, wives who reported doubts prior to the marriage were two-and-a-half times more likely to be divorced four years later than their more assured counterparts.

In addition, both wives and their husbands who experienced reservations beforehand were less satisfied in their marriages than those who did not have doubts. Interestingly, the study reported that men were more likely to experience cold feet, but that women's doubts were more accurate predictors of future discord.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Family Psychology, concluded with a recommendation that couples with doubts should seek to investigate and resolve these feelings prior to a marriage. Simply hoping they will evaporate with time, unfortunately, did not appear to be a practical solution.

Thankfully, Texas and many other states give couples the chance to be proactive in their relationships. Through a prenuptial agreement, both members of the partnership get the chance to address doubts in a calm, rational manner. Texas prenups can address many of the issues that couples may doubt before their marriage, including finances, property and children from a previous relationship.

Source: NBC News, "Woman's pre-wedding jitters linked to higher divorce rates," Sept. 14, 2012

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