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Houston Lawyer Preserving Estate Assets In A Divorce

In a divorce, dividing the assets and debts acquired during the course of marriage can be the focus of much of the fighting. Many times, spouses go to battle over who is going to get what property. When emotions are running high during the divorce process, it is easy for spouses to lose sight of the big picture. When this happens, spouses sometimes spend more money on legal fees than may be necessary because they are so entrenched in their positions. The longer the battle, the higher the costs to them and their family — both financial and emotional.

At The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC, we work with our clients to focus on the big picture and find solutions in dividing their assets and debts in a manner that is advantageous to them, but also minimizes the legal fees if at all possible. More money spent on legal fees to fight over the division of property only decreases the amount both parties receive in the end. There is simply less property to divide up for both parties after deducting the legal expenses. We work to preserve the estate while also working to reach a favorable settlement.

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At our law firm, you will find a Houston attorney dedicated to preserving estate assets, not diminishing them. We will educate you about legal fees at the beginning of your case and keep you apprised of them as your case moves forward. More importantly, we will inform you of cost-saving measures that can be taken to keep the community estate intact.

You Do Not Need To Fight To Succeed In A Texas Divorce

Divorce brings out intense emotions. The desire to fight can be strong. But what if fighting does more harm than good? Going to battle in the courtroom means putting the decisions in the hands of a judge. While we are certainly experienced in guiding judges toward the right decisions, there is never any guarantee.

Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution strategies such as mediation and collaborative law allow you to keep decision-making power in your hands. Furthermore, these strategies tend to be less expensive. There is a much greater likelihood of more assets remaining for division after all is said and done if the spouses can reach an agreement on their own or through another method. We have an impressive record of preserving estate assets and facilitating success while avoiding battle.

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Attorney Christine K. Lincoln

Christine K. Lincoln offers sound counsel and legal services to protect clients and their families facing divorce and other family disputes.

She will take the time to understand your individual needs and develop a comprehensive solution to protect your rights and interests.

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