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Stepparent Adoption

Are you a stepparent who wishes to adopt your spouse's child or children? At The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC, we guide families through the exciting time of stepparent adoption. We handle virtually all aspects of stepparent adoptions, answer questions you may have about how the adoption will affect the child's inheritance and walk you through the process in family court. Our firm strives to make the stepparent adoption a seamless transition for your family.

If you are interested in learning more about stepparent adoption and a lawyer's role in the process, please call The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC at 281-970-9005 to schedule your consultation. You may also fill out a contact form and someone from our firm will be in touch with you promptly.

Stepparent Adoption is Addressed in Family Court

Our firm represents stepparents and their spouses throughout the adoption process. An amicus attorney is appointed to make a recommendation to the court regarding the adoption. The amicus attorney typically meets with all parties and reviews the facts to ensure that the adoption is in the child's best interest. Christine Lincoln prepares all documentation and appears in court with the family. The biological parent's rights are terminated and the child is adopted by the stepparent.

Upon a successful stepparent adoption, the Bureau of Vital Statistics is notified and a new birth certificate is issued. Our firm can also assist with any name change for the child which accompanies the stepparent adoption.

What are the financial consequences of a stepparent adoption?

Among the financial consequences effected by the stepparent adoption of a minor are the following:

  • Financial support of the child — Through stepparent adoption, the stepparent becomes legally obligated to support that child in the role of parent. For example, if the couple divorces after the adoption, the non-biological parent is obligated to pay child support. If no adoption has occurred, the stepparent has no legal obligation to pay child support after a divorce.
  • Inheritance — Without a legal adoption, the stepchild is not legally entitled to inherit from his or her stepparent unless the stepparent leaves the child property in a will. For example, if a stepfather dies without a will, his assets will not pass to the stepchild — even if he considers the child to be his own child. However, if the stepfather adopts the child and dies without a will, the child will receive property and assets in the same manner as a biological child of the stepparent.

Adult Adoption

Some families are interested in adult adoption. This happens when the child is 18 or older and is typically done so the child can be included in any inheritance from the stepparent. Adult adoption can also have emotional benefits for the stepchild, stepparent and family.

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Attorney Christine K. Lincoln

Christine K. Lincoln offers sound counsel and legal services to protect clients and their families facing divorce and other family disputes.

She will take the time to understand your individual needs and develop a comprehensive solution to protect your rights and interests.

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