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The Ashley Madison hack and marriage in Texas

Recently, the Internet was roiling with the news that the Ashley Madison website was hacked and the dating site's customer list was published. Ashley Madison is a website where people who are interested in having an affair can set up a dating profile. The customers of the site believed their information would be kept private but, as we have learned time and time again information on the Internet can never be guaranteed as private. Since the data has been released, thousands of potentially cheating spouses have been revealed including many celebrities, doctors, professors and thousands more. Houston residents who have found their spouse on the list may want to know how divorce can be affected by the Ashley Madison hack.

In the past, a spouse who wanted a divorce would typically have to provide grounds for the divorce, and adultery was commonly considered sufficient grounds. Today, a divorce does not require a showing of fault. Most divorces simply require the parties to state that they have irreconcilable differences in their marriage.

There are many assets that need to be divided during a divorce

For many people in Houston, divorce is a huge, emotionally traumatic event. But people going through a divorce need to try to move past the emotions and keep in mind that divorce is partly about property division. There are so many assets that need to be divided during a divorce and it is important to remember all of them.

Most couples have complex property division issues. There are assets and debts that need to be allocated during the property division portion of divorce. Common assets include the home, investment accounts and cars. A person should also consider whether they have expensive home furnishings and art, rare coins, firearms, pets, wine collections and so on. Although one person may have shown no interest in these items during the marriage, they can all come into play during a divorce negotiation.

Retirement savings and divorce in Houston

Houston area residents who are thinking about a divorce know how complicated the divorce can be. Divorce is a highly emotional and traumatic time for everyone. It can be hard to think about anything except for the mental strain that a divorce can produce. But the property division of assets portion of the divorce is one of the most important. A person needs to make sure they understand the complex property division and keep in mind how they will be able to afford retirement.

Retirement savings is something that so many financial experts talk about. In the United States a high percentage of couples do not have adequate retirement savings and have no idea how they will maintain their lifestyle when they retire. Many times in relationships one of the spouses becomes the person who takes on retirement savings for the couple. In those instances the person who hasn't been involved in retirement savings can be in trouble if a divorce occurs.

Social media can harm a divorce situation

These days all kinds of people in the Houston area are on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others all contain many facets of our daily lives. But for those going through a divorce or have had a divorce, social media can become a problem.

Many people find social media to be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family and to update everyone as to what they've been doing. Social media can provide instant gratification for users, allowing them to share adventures and pictures that they post. But people can also run into legal problems. Child support, child custody, alimony and other issues can be tied to what a person posts on social media. If it's a person's weekend to spend with the kids and they're posting pictures of themselves having fun in Las Vegas, for example, that can hurt a custody agreement. If a person claims they are broke yet are posting pictures of themselves in a shiny new Corvette, that will not help their child support or alimony case.

How are visitation plans worked out in collaborative law?

In many Houston divorce situations kids are involved in the relationship. Each divorce is unique and brings its own set of complications. In a relationship where kids are involved, a collaborative law divorce can take into account visitation plans, child custody, and other related items.

When there are children involved in a divorce, there are many issues that the parents need to work out in regards to child support, child custody and visitation. Since the child cannot be in two places at the same time, visitation needs to be set up. In Texas, the court usually assigns Joint Managing Conservatorship over the children. This means that both parents have the right to get information from the other parent regarding the health, education, and welfare of their child, and each parent should be able to talk to a doctor or teacher about their child and consent to medical treatment.

Common mistakes people make during a divorce

Many Houston residents will go through a divorce in their lifetime. Although some married couples think their marriage will last forever, in many cases a divorce becomes all but inevitable. Of course, the end of a marriage is often a highly emotional period, and in this atmosphere one can easily make mistakes that will make matters worse later on. It is important to keep in mind some common mistakes people make during the divorce process.

One legal mistake an individual can make is not choosing the divorce process that works best for them. Collaborative law, mediation, and negotiation are three routes to a divorce, so it is important to learn about these choices and what makes for individual's particular situation.

Important documents needed for divorce mediation

When a person is thinking about a divorce in the Houston area there are many things to consider. Going through the process can be stressful enough, but even knowing what paperwork to prepare can seem overwhelming. Yet, gathering important documents in advance can help expedite the divorce and make sure key issues are ready to be discussed.

A divorce is an emotionally traumatic event for a person to go through. It can therefore be difficult to focus on the logistics of the event. But, it is very important for a person to gather all of their important legal and financial documents. A divorce attorney will need these documents to make sure property division, child support, alimony, and other financial matters are handled correctly and in a divorcing party's best interests.

Property division can be contentious in a divorce situation

Houston residents who are going through a divorce know how intense and complicated the experience can be. Among the most contentious issues in a divorce include complex property division. Having an advocate on your side can make a big difference.

Property division in Texas can be complicated. There are many different assets that are included in the property division portion of a divorce. These can include the family home, vacation home, cars, recreational vehicles, artwork, retirement accounts, savings accounts, businesses, and credit card and other debt. Most people are concerned about how the property will be divided after the divorce is finalized and have many questions about the process.

How is alimony determined?

Most Houston area couples believe that their marriage will stand the test of time. But statistics show that a large number will end. In the event of a divorce, a spouse may wonder whether or not they will be awarded spousal support if he or she requests alimony.

How is alimony determined? Alimony is usually awarded to help eliminate any economic advantages that one spouse may have. Many couples have one spouse who makes significantly more money than the other, so alimony is a way to make the discrepancy fairer in the event of a divorce. Many times, one spouse stays at home to take care of the family so alimony is often awarded in order for that spouse to have the time to gain job skills or to keep the lifestyle they had during the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement often makes sense

With wedding season in full effect in the Houston area, the last thing future brides and grooms want to think about is the possibility of their marriage not making it. But for many marriages, divorce does occur. And even just talking about financial issues can be a great way for couples to start out their new lives. A prenuptial agreement is one way for couples to protect their assets before marriage.

There are many reasons for couples to consider having a prenuptial agreement. One reason is if one partner owns their own business. Another reason is if in the future there is a pay gap that is expected to occur, such as one parent staying home with the children or if one partner is going back to school.

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